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Our Story

Michigan Made

We're three bears from the Michigan woods who put on people clothes and taught ourselves how to talk.....probably.

Board games and cards games are a common way to get through the long Michigan winters. We are no exception to this trend. Our passion for playing games turned into making them in 2013, and in 2020 we decided to go public with our creations.

We have put together a few prototypes, with many more in the works. We make sure we're happy with the design through hours of playtesting and real time feedback before we finalize the prototype. 

We are now looking for game publishers to partner with to bring our game to market. Contact us if interested.

Meet The Team


AJ Holwerda

Game Designer

Probably a bear with fur shaved off, when angry feed him raw salmon.


Garrett Yonkers

Art Director

Sasquatch Person, if Michigan DNR asks you never saw him.


Seth Barber

3D Fabricator

Total Fanboy and Weeb, will always get excited about next Marvel movie.

Our Values

Just Substance

Years of gaming have given us a good sense of what it takes to build game with substance. Our core values are...


- Simple rules, complex strategy
- Big game substance, small game playtime
- Unsolved games, maximum replay-ability
- Integrated pacing
- Immersive, interactive experiences

We push our games until they meet a standard we can be proud of. We want every player to have an engaging, memorable experience they are excited to repeat again and again.

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