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Our Games

"No Filler"

You know those games that are really fun, once you get past the boring clunky parts? We work hard to polish games down to their essential parts. Simple rules that allow for complex, immense strategies and intriguing immersive experiences. All gaming goodness, no filler.


Arctic Armies

In Arctic Armies, two battalions of penguins fight against each other with ranged snowball attacks before engaging in an up close battle of penguin fury! A quick 15 minutes game for 2 players, build your deck and arrange your troops to crush your opponent.

Beyond the Event Horizon

Sucked into a wormhole, surrounded by enemies in the vacuum of space. In "Event Horizon" flip over tiles to explore areas looking for resources. Build your tech capabilities and send your ships against your enemy's fleets. A fast pace, combat oriented space hex game with less bulky world building, more "Space Pew Pew"


Wizards and Wargs

Like monster hunting? How about deck building? How about building a wizard with crazy spells? Wizards and Wargs has all of this and more. Go into locations gathering beasts to level up, or trade with your opponents. Fight them in arena battles, using your wizard's spells to give you an extra edge. It's an RPG style game sleeked down for fasting action, combat focused play.

Coming Soon!


Build your army, attack your enemy, defend your keep! In siege you use infantry, archers, mounted knights, and trebuchets to out-maneuver your opponents. It plays like a huge expansive strategy game of the 90s, but in a tight 3-hour playtime.

Coming Soon!

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